Recent Faculty Publications

Our faculty publish actively on diverse subjects: psychosomatic issues, pain management, patient reporting and compliance behaviors, whole community and family roles in psychiatric conditions and treatment, teaching strategies and much more.

Michael Adragna, MD

  • Sengupta S, Adragna MS. Technological Strategies to Address Psychiatric Nonadherence. In: Fornari V., Dancyger I. (eds) Psychiatric Nonadherence: A Solutions-Based Approach (pp. 201-212). Springer, Cham. 2019

Daniel Antonius, PhD

Paula DelRegno, MD

Steven Dubovsky, MD

Abigail Green, MD

Corey Leidenfrost, PhD

  • Leidenfrost CM, Randal, E, Scalco, M, Martin, P, Sinclair, SJ, Stewart, T, Schoelerman, R, & Antonius, D. Effectively assessing treatment needs in incarcerated seriously mentally ill individuals: the utility of the Personality Assessment Inventory - Level of Care Index.. Journal of Correctional Health Care.. 2018; 24

Kenneth Leonard, PhD

Sourav Sengupta, MD, MPH