Why Choose Our MD Program

Medical students.

"Whatever you want to do, the faculty have a way to help you achieve it," says Jordan Bauer, shown with Keenan Borde (left) and Jamie Floss (right).

MD Admissions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We know you have questions about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) could impact your impending enrollment, especially if you are traveling to us.

We train doctors who make a difference

You’re driven to make a difference.

We’re dedicated to training skilled, compassionate physicians with a strong desire to help others.

If you provide the determination and desire, we’ll help you realize your goals. At UB medical school, we offer you the knowledge and guidance you need to confidently answer this challenging—and rewarding—calling.

We'll Help You Realize Your Dream

At UB medical school, you will:

Learn in a Collegial Community

You put enough pressure on yourself to succeed. Why compound your stress by trying to learn in a highly competitive setting?

We pride ourselves on our cohesive, collegial environment.

Instead of stepping over each other to get ahead, our students support each other every step of the way.

Throughout these rigorous four years, you’ll come together with your classmates to solve problems and master knowledge—and, in the process, create lasting ties.

Build Your Clinical Skills Early

You’ll begin begin seeing patients early—within your second month of school.

As you apply what you’ve learned in class to real-world practice, you’ll build your clinical skills and boost your confidence.

Not least of all, your early clinical training will serve as a constant reminder of why you chose this path.

Serve Communities in Need

You want to make an impact.

From the moment you arrive at UB, we’ll show you how.

Whether it’s teaching city schoolchildren about the dangers of smoking, screening for chronic conditions at a student-run medical clinic or delivering prenatal care to a recently arrived refugee, we’ll give you ample opportunities to put your talents to use—and make a difference among communities in need.

Train in Multiple Settings

Rather than just one hospital, you’ll train in several.

Our distributed hospital system connects you with patients from all walks of life, and with a wide range of medical conditions.

You’ll adapt to a variety of health care settings while increasing the depth and breath of your knowledge from our expert faculty practicing throughout the region.

Get a Quality Education–Affordably

We offer you an excellent education at a reasonable price.

That means that you’ll achieve the same high level of success as many your peers while incurring a fraction of the debt.

The proof?

It's in our outcomes: UB medical students do as well as, or better than, the national average on licensing exams and match in some of the country’s finest residency programs.

Solve Problems

Our curriculum teaches you to think like a clinician. Working as a team with your peers, you’ll learn to analyze information and solve problems—key skills that set you straight on the path to a successful practice of medicine.

And because we organize our curriculum by organ systems, you’ll be able to readily integrate your knowledge from both the basic and clinical sciences into your solutions.