The Health Sciences Collaborative Core Facilities (HSCCF) provide multipurpose services to the biomedical research community at the University at Buffalo.

These centers are your source for solutions to a wide variety of research problems by leveraging the knowledge and experience of PhD-level lab managers, administrators and directors.

Our instrument laboratory provides training and consultation services for researchers whose work involves flow cytometry, confocal microscopy and gel-documentation. We work closely with other core facilities to provide comprehensive and integrative services to solve the imaging and cytometry challenges presented by cutting-edge research programs.   
Enables researchers to obtain transmission electron microscope images of materials, polymers and biological samples; consults with investigators and assists with equipment operation.
Performs all procedures related to tissue preservation and histological analysis, including training on cryostat use and other protocols.
We provide training and consultation services for students, faculty, researchers and clinicians whose work involves digital whole slide imaging (WSI) and multispectral microscopy for research, teaching or clinical interests.