Multimedia and Electronic Classrooms

Students in class in Butler Auditorium

Thanks to Butler Auditorium’s integrated digital capabilities, students can interact with course materials on their laptops in real time.

Our classrooms, training facilities and lecture halls take full advantage of multimedia and electronic connectivity.

Interlab Video System

A digital video distribution system links our pathology and histology labs so we can broadcast video or images from any one room to any or all of the others. This integrated system:

  • maximizes student access to demonstrations, lectures and special events
  • supports collaborative learning
  • encourages campuswide conversations about coursework

Our Office of Medical Computing upgrades and replaces the in-class projection systems and instructor computers on an ongoing basis to ensure they stay up to date.

Technology for Clinical Training

Media technologies enhance our students’ clinical experience at the Clinical Competency Center, which trains students for clinical competency exams, and the Behling Simulation Center, where faculty and students from all five health sciences schools work together to improve interprofessional communication and performance.

Both centers feature video capture and review capabilities, plus an array of analytical software. Faculty observe students unobtrusively and students watch their own performance, gaining a clear sense of their strengths and areas where they can improve.

Digitally-Equipped Auditoriums

Centrally located within the Cary-Farber-Sherman complex, our three main lecture halls are all equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems that offer full multimedia presentation capabilities, including an infrared sound-assist system to accommodate hearing-impaired individuals. They can also automatically record and archive lectures, and the lighting and power systems have been updated for responsible “green” energy consumption.

Wireless Access

High-speed wireless connectivity is available throughout the medical complex, including the student lounges and all classrooms. Visitors can get online via secure guest access.