Employment Information for Residents and Fellows in UB-Sponsored Training Programs

Medical residents and fellows in UB-sponsored residency training programs are employed by University Medical Resident Services, P.C. (UMRS).

Dental residents in UB-sponsored residency training programs are employed by University Dental Resident Services, P.C. (UDRS).

In all cases, employer assignments are determined by the residency training program based on program rotation and resource allocations.

Both employers follow a common salary and living-allowance schedule for UB residents. The benefits packages for UMRS and UDRS are identical.

Residency Training Program Salary Schedules

  • Resident Salary Schedule 2021-22

    The resident salary schedule for the 2021-22 year is:

    • PGY-1: $54,723
    • PGY-2: $55,578
    • PGY-3: $56,986
    • PGY-4: $59,661
    • PGY-5: $59,858
    • PGY-6: $61,781
    • PGY-7: $61,933
    • PGY-8: $62,553
    • UB affiliated hospitals support all aspects of resident education including, but not limited to, resident salary support.

      Please send all communications (direct deposit requests, tax information and general payroll questions etc.) to UBF-Payroll@buffalo.edu. This email inbox is monitored on a regular basis and will ensure a prompt reply to your inquiry. 

Employment Information for UMRS and UDRS Residents and Fellows



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