Originating in Buffalo, this network of referral sites (including emergency departments, primary care offices, OB/GYN offices, law enforcement agencies, et cetera), treatment organizations, and pharmacies aims to improve access to buprenorphine and other medications for opioid and substance use disorders.

In 2016, the Jacobs School's Department of Emergency Medicine, in combination with UB|MD Emergency Medicine, set out to decrease opioid prescribing in their emergency departments. Guidelines were established for patients and prescribers for appropriate opioid prescribing.

The MATTERS Network has since expanded and now partners with treatment organizations, referral sites and pharmacies across all nine regions of New York state.

Increasing Access to Treatment

The MATTERS Network aims to:

  • aid patients in initiating and continuing successful opiate use disorder treatment
  • reduce morbidity and mortality associated with opiate use disorder in Western New York
  • provide a best practice model for Emergency Department Initiated Buprenorphine Programs
  • provide the same high level of care to patients suffering from opiate use disorder that is provided for any other emergency medical condition