Our collective expertise spans the breadth of biomedical informatics disciplines.

  • Bioinformatics
    Our division formulates and applies algorithms that help researchers understand how a metagenome’s encoded information determines its behavior and characteristics.
  • Biomedical Ontology
    Our division studies the development of realism-based ontologies, the principles for building realism-based data repositories and the information technology that can make optimal use of them.
  • Clinical Informatics
    Dedicated to improving the quality and safety of clinical care throughout the region, our faculty conduct research into electronic health records (EHR), clinical data warehousing, clinical research informatics and clinical decision support (CDS).
  • Public Health Informatics
    Faculty in our division use big data to solve large-scale population health problems.
  • Sociotechnical and Human-Centered Design
    Our evaluative research aims to improve health care practices that involve health information technology (HIT).