Public Health Informatics

Faculty in our division use big data to solve large-scale population health problems.


We focus on population health assessment and management, and we conduct research on biosurveillance for bioterrorism agents and emerging infectious diseases.

We also develop methods and systems that support public health departments’ response to public health threats.

Among other areas, our division has expertise in:

  • research and data management methods with large clinical populations, including clinical trials
  • the structure, function and uses of the database
  • the structure, function and uses of local, state and national disease and injury surveillance information systems
  • strategies for linking public health information to clinical health information exchange networks
  • public health emergency information systems
  • patient registries for health care outcome evaluation
  • informatics in disease prevention, epidemiology, toxicology and environmental health
  • public health laboratories data management
  • risk factor information systems
  • public health decision support and systems
  • advanced geographic information systems in public health
  • global public health informatics challenges and initiatives

Education and Training

Our divisional faculty teach selective and advanced courses in public health informatics to master’s and doctoral students.


Gateway Building
77 Goodell St.
Suite 540
Buffalo, NY  14203