Chief Residents

Thank you for visiting our residency website. We hope you find the information provided useful in getting to know our program.

There are many exceptional emergency medicine residency programs in the country, but we feel like our program stands out among the crowd.

The variety of the clinical sites at our program is second to none.

The attending physicians here have diverse skill sets, provide unparalleled teaching, and many have fellowship training in various areas of emergency medicine.

Above all, the philosophy of the UBEM program is that we are all a family, and this mentality is evident in all areas of our training program.

Kasarah Ackerman

Kasarah Ackerman.

Birthplace: North Jersey
College: Lehigh University
Medical School: Rowan School of Medicine
Medical/Research Interests: QI, technology in medicine, toxicology
Scholarly Track: Administrative

Personal Interests: hiking, outdoor activities, new cities, cooking, wine, Dr. Hurley's Cape Cod house, croissants & cappuccino

How did you hear about our program: A person matched from my school a few years back so I decided to check it out!

About the Residency

It is a tight-knit community. Everyone is friendly, supportive, and willing to help. You really get to know your co-residents during the first month of residency and establish friendships. The training sites are strong and diverse so you get a well-rounded experience.

About Buffalo

You won't find a city with more pride.  Everything about Buffalo is uniquely Buffalo. From the houses, the food scene, the people, the parks, the events, there is always something going on that just makes you happy to be a part of the Buffalo community. And of course, best croissant = butterblock; best cappuccino: Remedy House!

Meredith Hurley

Meredith Hurley.

Birthplace: Boston, MA
College: George Washington University
Medical School: LECOM - Bradenton
Medical/Research Interests: Community medicine
Scholarly Track: Academic

Personal Interests: Paddle boarding, running, decorating cakes

How did you hear about our program: I had friends from med school who lived in Buffalo and told me it would be a really good place to train.

About the Residency

I wanted a residency that would prepare me to work anywhere and I think with our three main training sites we accomplish this.  We work at a level 1 trauma center, a stroke and STEMI center as well as a children's hospital. UB was also the only residency program I interviewed at where the residents said they are comfortable taking care of pediatric patients.

About Buffalo

In Buffalo, you get to enjoy all 4 seasons and a gorgeous sunset over the water. There are plenty of outdoor activities. The cost of living is low and there's no traffic!

Andy Knapp

Andy Knapp.

Birthplace: Würzburg, Germany
College: RIT
Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo
Medical/Research Interests: FOAMed, resident & medical student education, procedures, airway
Scholarly Track: Academic

Personal Interests: Ceramics/pottery, brewing beer, wakesurfing, sailing, skiing/snowboarding, goats, dog

How did you hear about our program: Many great UB EM faculty mentors and 2 EM rotations here during medical school

About the Residency

I had been told by my mentor "there is no EM program better than the rest, just a better fit for you." Before strike the perfect balance that I was thinking of academic faculty who are progressive and driver intellectual curiosity, while also relatable in front work alongside.  I appreciate the intimacy of the team here, being on a first name basis with most faculty who often attends social events, house journal clubs at their homes, and seem genuinely invested in everyone of us. There is strong kinship and on all 3 years of the program, which fosters great mentoring. Our PD and APD's are truly the type of clinicians and professionals that I personally aspires to be in my career.  Our intern summer camp during the first month years brilliant and helping us become well acquainted team, wearing her support network, and begin to learn some basic skills for the bedside. Having a county hospital was a real asset that I under-appreciated until starting here. Lastly, there is no shortage of sick patients and volume here, especially with all 6 emergency departments -- you will see all of the blunt/penetrating trauma, toxicology, neurology, pediatric, procedural, and other cases you could possibly wish for in your training.

About Buffalo

Few places seem to celebrate pride in their city more than Buffalo, in my experience. Winter is a cool season here, but we embrace the snow with our winter sports! There’s few things I appreciate more than waking up to a blanket of sparkling white snow on the ground in the morning. Spring often comes abruptly as a much needed reprieve with an impressive floral bloom and surge of festivals and outdoor activity here. Perhaps because we are limited during part of the winter, the city of Buffalo turns out for the free concerts, food festivals, and sporting events during our spring/summer/fall! As someone who appreciates the craft in food, I’m proud to say that “chain restaurants” suffer here, because there is such a thriving market for good, local restaurants. You won’t be disappointed by the food scene (or craft beer, local coffee, etc.)! Buffalo is a place where people come for the education or work and stay for their love of the city and culture.