Erie County Medical Center

Located on the eastern side of Buffalo, this 583-bed acute care center admits patients from the local urban area, as well as a wide referral range that encompasses all eight counties of Western New York.

ECMC is a verified Level 1 Adult Trauma Center and a regional center for burn care, behavioral health services, transplantation, medical oncology and head & neck cancer care, and rehabilitation.

Case presentations span the range of disease states in internal medicine and general surgery, with many critically ill cases.

ECMC’s Trauma and Emergency Department sees nearly 70,000 patients a year, with patient volumes expected to reach over 75,000 a year by 2024.

ECMC is the second “core hospital” in the program. The offices of the Assistant Program Director, Research Director and Director of Prehospital Care are located here.


The ED patient population at ECMC differs from that at BGMC. ECMC is the regional adult trauma and burn center for Western New York and consequently receives a large number of adult major trauma patients. ECMC also is the major local site where care for immunocompromised, transplant, orthopedic, dialysis and incarcerated patients is delivered. This variety of patients complements the patient population at BGMC.

There are an equal number of ED rotations at ECMC and BGMC.

Off-Service Rotations

Off service rotations at ECMC include:

  • Trauma: EM residents participate in the acute and definitive care of major trauma and burn patients at ECMC. EM residents spend a total of two months on the Trauma service.
  • Trauma ICU: 1 month in the EM2 year. Rotation with surgical residents in Trauma/Surgical ICU. Residents participate in initial management and definitive care of critically ill surgical patients and trauma victims.
  • Orthopedics: Most orthopedic patients at ECMC have traumatic conditions and are initially treated in the ED. As such they constitute an excellent patient population for the teaching of Orthopedics to EM residents.
  • Ultrasound/Telemedicine: A highlight of our program is the rotation in Emergency Ultrasound that is based at ECMC. Residents will also have the opportunity to learn about and particpipate in Telemedicine while on this rotation.
  • Emergency Medical Services: This rotation is based at ECMC, which serves as the primary site for medical direction, training, and research in prehospital care in Western New York