FMD 890-V Cross-Cultural Medicine Elective (Virtual)

This virtual global health elective provides an efficient, effective and enjoyable way of diving into global health and learning a lot about this field of medicine in a short amount of time. Students will strengthen knowledge and understanding of global health, public health, and different cultures. The course includes on-line learning modules, learning about another culture and weekly discussions with Dr. David Holmes. The majority of time on this elective will focus on working with Dr. Holmes to write an article (review paper or case study) about a global health or public health topic. Students will be expected to submit their paper to a peer-reviewed journal with the goal of getting it published. For questions about this elective contact Dr. Holmes at

Prerequisite: MS3 or MS4

Modules: D & F (Fall), H, J and L (Spring)

No. of students: 3

Course Director: David M. Holmes, MD

Course Coordinator: Michelle Kasprzyk