Research Opportunities

When you collaborate with our world-class faculty researchers, you’ll explore innovative ways to treat patients and advance health care.

During our dedicated research elective, you may work on an ongoing project with faculty or develop your own supervised project.

  • Family Medicine Summer Research Assistantship
    Our eight-week summer research assistantship pairs students with faculty to study such topics as primary care, health services, underserved patient populations, practice transformation and the patient-centered medical home.

Research Areas

Our faculty conduct research in a number of areas, including:

Research Elective in Family Medicine

  • FMD 950 Research In Family Medicine, 4 credits

    Students are encouraged to participate in research activities under the supervision of faculty in the Department of Family Medicine. Students may assist faculty in ongoing projects or may seek faculty sponsorship of student-initiated research.

    Research rotations may extend from one to several modules according to individual student scheduling needs and within the constraints of medical school policy.

    Students wishing to obtain credit for research modules must identify a faculty member willing to serve as their sponsor and submit a proposal and letter of support from their sponsor to the course director for his approval. The proposal must include a written description of the project including goals, objectives, methods, faculty supervision, means of evaluation and educational rationale.

    Prior to registering for a research elective, students will need to meet with Dr. Milling regarding project and work with the department to find a faculty mentor. Students should discuss project ideas with their mentor and provide a short description of the research they would like to conduct during the elective. Students will then take this description to the department chair and/or course director for approval. After obtaining approval, students will complete a drop/add form, working with the appropriate department/course coordinators and send the completed form to the registrar in order to register for the research elective.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of FMD 700

    Modules: A-K Blocks: 1-4

    Number of students: Unlimited

    Course Director: Andrew Symons, MD, MS

    Course Coordinator: Michelle Kasprzyk

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