From addiction medicine to caring for individuals with disabilities, our electives familiarize you with the scope of clinical services a family physician provides and the breadth of medical knowledge our profession encompasses.

  • FMD 800 Subinternship In Family Medicine, 4 credits
    The goal of the subinternship in family medicine is to provide students with an intensive experience in the care of hospitalized patients.
  • FMD 803 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 4 credits
    Students will become familiar with clinically applicable principles of basic science, anatomy, pathology, and biomechanics, with an emphasis on the clinical and compassionate care of patients with musculoskeletal disorders.
  • FMD 820 Addiction Medicine, 4 credits
    The goal of the elective is to learn how to care for patients who have addictive disorders.
  • FMD 830 Primary Care Diagnostic Imaging, 4 credits
    The scope of this imaging course includes: physics of imaging, processes involved in the use of imaging, image storage, the use of computer-assisted imaging programs, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, myelography, discography, radionuclide imaging, mammography, fluroscopy and ultrasonography.
  • FMD 840 Primary Ambulatory Care - Sports Medicine, 4 credits
    The goals of the rotation are to enable students to observe and participate in, on an intensive basis, the full range of primary care delivery by a family physician.
  • FMD 890-D Course at Other University, 4 credits
    It will be the student’s responsibility to provide or obtain needed information regarding the nature of the experience.
  • FMD 890-G Cross-Cultural Medicine Elective
    This elective allows senior medical students to work under supervision in various clinical sites in other countries.
  • FMD 890-V Cross-Cultural Medicine Elective
    This virtual global health elective provides an efficient, effective and enjoyable way of diving into global health and learning a lot about this field of medicine in a short amount of time
  • FMD 899 Independent Study, 4 credits
    Proposals for independent study must include a detailed written program description including goals and objectives, methods of study, faculty supervision, means of evaluation and educational rationale.
  • FMD 899MS Independent Study (Medical Spanish), 4 credits
    The online medical Spanish independent elective is just that; independently done at your own pace during the 4 week block/module.
  • FMD 900 Faith, Medicine And End-Of-Life Care, 4 credits
    The goal of this course is to provide learning opportunities that will enable students to develop competencies regarding end-of-life care.
  • FMD 950 Research In Family Medicine, 4 credits
    Students are encouraged to participate in research activities under the supervision of faculty in the Department of Family Medicine. Students may assist faculty in ongoing projects or may seek faculty sponsorship of student-initiated research.