Recent Faculty Publications

Our research, which reflects the wide scope of interests encompassed by our division, frequently appears in leading academic journals.

Matthew Hudson, MD

Mayada Ismail, MD

Sehrish Jamot, MD

Anthony Martinez, MD

  • Martinez et al. (2022) Hepatitis C virus prevalence and outcomes among pregnant women who inject drugs. 10th International Conference on Health and Hepatitis Care in Substance Users. Glasgow Scottland, (Dec)Poster
  • Martinez, et al. (2022) YOUNGER AGE IS ASSOCIATED WITH LOWER TREATMENT ADHERENCE AMONG PWID TREATED FOR CHRONIC HCV INFECTION. The Liver Meeting American Association For The Study Of Liver Disease. Washington DC, Washington (Nov)Poster
  • Martinez, et al. (2022) ACTIVE DRUG USE IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH TREATMENT FAILURE AMONG PWID PATIENTS WITH VARIABLE ADHERENCE TO HCV TREATMENT. The Liver Meeting American Association For The Study Of Liver Disease, Washington. Washington, DC, Washington (Nov)Poster

Anoop Prabhu, M.D.

Kevin Robillard, MD

Andrew Talal, MD, MPH

  • Hamza Z. (2022) One in Eight U.S. Adult Deaths Involved Too Much Booze— Study details premature deaths after excessive alcohol use pre-pandemic, especially in the young.
  • Hamza Z. (2022) Tenofovir, Vaccine Combo Eliminates Mom-to-Child HBV Transmission— 100% success rate even without the use of hepatitis B immunoglobulin.
  • Hamza Z. (2022) Low Carb Diet Boosts Weight Loss for Liver Transplant Recipients With Obesity— LCD also positively impacted patients' metabophenotype.