Research Opportunities


“My mentors have taken a special interest in helping me develop my research,” says fellow Alia Hasham, MD, who works alongside Anthony D. Martinez, MD.

In our division, you have opportunities to collaborate with accomplished physician-scientists on research projects investigating the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases and hepatologic conditions.

Our division offers a range of translational and clinical research opportunities.  

We welcome trainees from every level. Medical students, residents, fellows and postdoctoral scholars have gained research experience under the mentorship of our world-class faculty.

Medical Students and Residents

To learn about conducting research with our faculty, contact our division's administrative assistant.


Our fellows have opportunities to participate in a variety of research endeavors during their research rotations.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

We welcome U.S. and international postdoctoral candidates to our laboratories for further training and experience. Contact our division's administrative assistant or individual faculty members to explore available opportunities.  

Diverse Areas of Research

Our physician-scientists work on projects related to a variety of topics, including:

Strong Research Support

Members of our division have unique opportunities to engage in research with experts specializing in:

  • biostatistics
  • physiology and biophysics

The unique research support our trainees and faculty receive can help them gain a competitive edge when submitting abstracts to national gastroenterology meetings.

Our biostatistics specialist is able to assist members of our division with the statistical aspects of their research. The biostatistical research support available in our program can provide trainees and faculty with rich opportunities to incorporate biostatistical data into their manuscripts. 

Members of our division also have opportunities to develop studies under the guidance of our physiology and biophysics expert.