Medical Students

When you train with our faculty, we’ll augment your understanding of geriatrics and palliative medicine, providing you with essential knowledge that you’ll tap throughout your career.


MED 880 Palliative Medicine, 4 credits

This rotation is designed to provide the student with a broad-based experience in hospice and palliative medicine. It combines clinical teaching from a variety of sites to give the student an overview of symptomatic therapeutics, communication skills, and interdisciplinary care in a wide range of clinical settings.

The student will spend time at one or more of the following sites: Palliative Care Consultation Services at various Kaleida sites, the Palliative and Pain Management Services at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and the Palliative Service at the VA Medical Center. The student will also spend part of the rotation at the Center for Hospice and Palliative Care in team meetings, home visits, and the Center’s Palliative Care Unit on the Mitchell Campus in Cheektowaga. Standardized patients will assist in teaching important communication skills.

Upon completion of this rotation, the student should have: (1) developed important attitudes concerning appropriate timing of palliative care, based on accurate prognosis determination and rational goals of medicine, (2) gained a sound knowledge base in symptomatic management of patients with a variety of distressing symptoms, and (3) acquired clinical skills in effective but compassionate communication.

Prerequisite: Senior medical student

Modules: A-K

Instructors: Jack P. Freer, MD, and faculty

Number of students: 2