Medical Student Clerkships

Clerkships in internal medicine build on your basic sciences education, helping you develop the skills to manage common medical problems and diseases in adult patients.

Wide-Ranging Clinical Experience

During your third year as a UB medical student, you will complete MED 700 Internal Medicine Clerkship. During this 12-week block, you will spend:

  • four weeks working with inpatients
  • four weeks working with outpatients
  • four weeks in an elective

During your fourth year, you will complete MED 802 Advanced Clerkship in Medicine, a four-week inpatient rotation.

Both clerkships take advantage of the wide range of patient populations and care settings in our affiliated hospitals and ambulatory sites. Both combine clinical experiences with didactic learning through teaching conferences, lectures, seminars and reading.

You will:

  • conduct patient interviews and physical examinations
  • perform common bedside and lab procedures
  • develop the expertise to make differential diagnoses and advise on managing illness


Through the inpatient block of MED 700, you will work with a team of two or three other students, supervised by an attending physician and staff to perform initial evaluations on a limited number of patients and follow them closely. A preceptor will guide your learning through this clerkship’s ambulatory portion. Your work team for MED 802 will consist of a resident, an intern, a fourth-year clerk and a third-year clerk.

Our program emphasizes cooperation and ongoing reflective self-evaluation, laying the groundwork for your career as a highly capable medical professional with the communicative, collaborative skills to succeed, whatever specialty you choose.