MED 802 Advanced Clerkship in Medicine, 4 credits

Advanced Clerkship in Medicine is a four-week rotation that will give students an inpatient experience aimed at developing expertise in managing acute illness in the hospital setting. It will stress normal and abnormal physiology, management of fluid and electrolytes, and highlight some of those conditions that are commonly treated by practicing internists.

The rotation will be structured around a work team consisting of resident and intern, a fourth-year clerk and a third-year clerk. There will be daily participation in morning report and in scheduled didactic conferences. In addition, there will be a didactic portion specifically geared to the fourth-year clerk.

By the end of the rotation the student should feel comfortable with responding quickly to acute medical problems and should be able to develop a reasonable pertinent differential diagnosis for presenting problem and begin to discuss appropriate management. The student will thus be prepared to handle not only acute medical problems, but complications that may result from surgery or that may be seen in patients that are commonly seen within other specialties.

Prerequisite: MS4 (this is a required fourth-year course)

Modules: A-K

Clerkship Director: Archana Mishra, MD

Course Coordinator: Anna Alvarado Marwin