Research Opportunities

A variety of opportunities are available to students who are interested in doing research while in medical school.

Numerous projects are ongoing at any time in Buffalo and several opportunities exist outside Western New York. Students may want to consider undertaking a project not only for the experience it will provide, but because many competitive specialties seek this background in applicants to residency.


During your first year of medical school, we’ll explain the broad range of research opportunities available at UB. If you want to pursue research, you will be connected with a dedicated faculty mentor whose work aligns with your professional interests and objectives.

You can start conducting research during the summer between your first and second years of school. You may continue researching during your second year, provided it does not interfere with your studies.

In your third and fourth years, you may select research as an elective.

Research Mentors

The Office of Student and Academic Affairs holds a seminar each year to acquaint students with faculty involved in research. The Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences also maintains a searchable database with information regarding faculty research profiles, interests and publications.  

Students can also make appointments with any of the assistant deans to learn about specific opportunities that might match their interests.

Further information on funding opportunities and programs for medical student summer research can be found on UB Learns in the Opportunities folder of each class. Students are also encouraged to visit the Office of Student and Academic Affairs in November or December of their MS1 year if they wish to discuss research opportunities, as many summer program deadlines are in January and February.


During the academic year, students may receive financial support for his/her participation if funds are available through a grant or department. Many summer experiences provide funding and students usually need to apply and be accepted to the program.

Academic Credit

Most students are eligible to receive academic elective credit for participation in research activities and should come to the OME for more information on the process.

Research Awards

Students may be eligible for Research or Thesis Honors distinction at graduation for significant research experience that was obtained while pursuing the MD degree.

General information is outlined on the OME Academic Affairs page.

Presenting Your Research

An annual Medical Student Research Forum is held each January. Students can share their research work with faculty and fellow students. Faculty judges review the posters and the top candidates receive cash prizes. Students are invited to participate in the forum at the end of the fall semester of their second year.  

Many students also present posters and talks outside of the University through their summer program, or through organizations like the AMA.