Infectious Diseases Conference

Weekly conference.

During our weekly conference series, you’ll refine your presentation skills and learn about new advances in the care of infectious diseases.

This weekly conference series uses case discussions and didactic lectures to focus on the practical aspects of clinical infectious diseases diagnosis and management.

Most of this series is devoted to fellows’ presentations. You will periodically present a case of unknown diagnosis, which serves as a springboard to discuss its differential diagnosis and case management. After revealing the diagnosis, you will offer an evidence-based presentation of the case’s salient points.

Division faculty and infectious diseases specialists from outside UB present unknown cases as well, in addition to delivering didactic lectures. Past topics have included “Sushi and Sashimi: Safe or Suicidal” and “Biological Warfare.”

Several times a year, we invite guest lecturers to share the latest advances in our understanding of infectious diseases. You may also present cases to guest speakers during their visit.

Along with faculty and fellows, medical residents, medical students and a wide variety of specialists attend this series.

Thomas R. Beam Jr., MD, Memorial Lecture

The annual Thomas R. Beam Jr., MD, Memorial Lecture takes place during the conference series.

Held in memory of a UB professor known internationally for his research on drug-resistant bacteria and viruses, the lecture features a prominent infectious diseases expert.

Past speakers have included Jeffrey Cohen, MD, chief of the laboratory of infectious diseases at the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and John Bennett, MD, co-editor of the gold-standard textbook on infectious diseases.

Upcoming Infectious Diseases Conferences

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