Conferences and Rounds

Fellows attend a sleep medicine conference.

Fellows actively participate in our conferences, which are known for their lively exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Our conferences and rounds sharpen your diagnostic skills, introduce you to research opportunities and keep you current in the field.

Journal Club and Research Conference

Our journal club and research conference familiarize you with the latest literature pertaining to sleep medicine.

We will help you become comfortable debating complex topics from medical literature. Along with our attending physician, you will present a recently published journal article and facilitate group discussion in each session. Our journal club keeps you abreast of new developments in the field while honing your critical evaluation abilities.

Our research conference, supervised by our program’s associate director:

  • increases your knowledge in the basic sciences
  • provides opportunities to develop research projects
  • enables you to obtain feedback from clinically oriented faculty

Our conference provides an informal forum for researchers outside of our division; you may have opportunities to develop collaborative relationships with investigators in related disciplines.


Sleep Fellows' Case Conference

The sleep fellows’ case conference reviews the diagnosis, evaluation and management of sleep disorders.

Discourse in this conference centers on patients with a diverse mix of sleep problems. Either you or our attending physician will present a case and review recent diagnostic or therapeutic advances. Our attending physician will review relevant literature with you after each session.

You can expect to learn about and discuss interesting aspects of select abnormalities, such as artifacts and electroencephalography findings. In addition to becoming comfortable presenting complex patient cases to your peers, you will gain exposure to an array of unusual and challenging cases.


Citywide Grand Rounds

We expect you to attend sleep medicine citywide grand rounds. Guest speakers — and occasionally our attending physicians — deliver these lectures, and as a fellow in our program, you too will have the opportunity to lecture.

Presenting at citywide grand rounds will give you the unique experience of speaking in front of a multidisciplinary audience of pulmonary fellows, neurology residents, medical students, psychologists, dentists, sleep technicians, nurse practitioners and faculty from other specialties.