Our rotations ensure that your education is well-rounded and expansive.

You will rotate through three community based sleep centers and a major teaching hospital, maximizing your experience with the wide range of sleep disorders.

Clinical Experience

You will gain clinical experience through rotations that take place at a variety of training sites, giving you opportunities to work in multiple settings with distinct patient bases, clinical environments and documentation systems. You will acquire experience with a broad spectrum of sleep conditions including insomnia, different types of apnea, neurologic sleep problems and disorders in pediatric patients.

You will attend:

  • two general sleep clinics per week
  • one insomnia clinic per week
  • two continuity clinics per week

Additionally, you will spend approximately two sessions per week reviewing and analyzing polysomnograms and other diagnostic tests with our attending sleep physician.

You will receive exposure to a diverse mix of male and female patients of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Throughout the yearlong fellowship, you will see at least 580 patients, including:

  • 100 new adult patients
  • 150 follow-up adult patients
  • 40 new pediatric patients
  • 40 follow-up pediatric patients
  • 10 inpatient consultations

Technical Experience

Your clinical training will be strengthened by the technical knowledge we impart about the multi-parametric and diagnostic tests used in sleep studies.

Our program provides the specialized technical training you will need to become a successful sleep medicine physician. We will ensure that you understand the preparation process, technology and scoring of procedures including:

  • polysomnography
  • multiple sleep latency test
  • maintenance of wakefulness test
  • actigraphy data collection and interpretation

Your technical training will primarily take place at UBMD Sleep Medicine and the Buffalo VA Medical Center.

You will learn the basic technical aspects of a range of sleep studies by observing the sleep technologists who perform these studies. Your personal interactions with technologists will enhance your awareness about the mechanical operations and details involved in these tests.

We teach you to interpret diagnostic tests, and as your diagnostic and interpretive abilities improve, we will give you progressive independence. We will also discuss evidence-based interpretive strategies. 

Our training ensures that you will have ample experience with technical activity. You will have the opportunity to:

  • interpret at least 200 pediatric and adult polysomnograms
  • score at least 25 polysomnograms
  • interpret at least 25 multiple sleep latency and maintenance of wakefulness tests

Continuity Clinics

In our continuity clinics, where patients will be under your supervision for the entirety of your fellowship, you will gain experience providing longitudinal care. With input from our attending sleep physician, you will oversee your patients’ sleep complaints, diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions.

Providing patients with long-term care allows you to clinically correlate test results and review past results. You will be exposed to the multifaceted procedures and elements involved in caring for a patient over an extended period of time.

Additional Training

To supplement our clinical and technical training, we provide opportunities for interdisciplinary and pediatric exposure:

  • Subspecialty Rotations
    The interdisciplinary training you will receive in our subspecialty rotations helps you achieve a solid understanding of other fields involved in sleep medicine.