Murat Can Kalem.

“I study a fungus species called Cryptococcus neoformans, and I aim to unravel its molecular and cellular biology to better understand how it causes infections,” says microbiologist Murat Can Kalem, who is a doctoral student.

Education and Training

Whether you’re a graduate, medical or undergraduate student, we engage you in distinctive learning opportunities. You can be part of our collaborative research teams led by our expert faculty scientists.

  • Postdoctoral Training
    We give you the postdoctoral experiences you need to meet your career goals and advance to the next stage of your career.
  • PhD Program
    Our doctoral program offers you a holistic package for success. You will explore multiple organisms — viruses, eukaryotes and bacteria — plus immunology. You will contribute to research that paves the way for novel infectious disease therapies. You will prepare for a career in academia, government or industry.
  • MD-PhD Program
    Prepare to excel as a physician-scientist, gaining the skill set you need to make your mark as both an investigator and a clinician.
  • Master’s Program (MS)
    You’ll gain a solid foundation for high-demand biotechnology and biomedical careers with our master of arts program in microbiology and immunology. You’ll also be well prepared to pursue doctoral, medical or dental education programs.
  • Undergraduate Studies
    Our microbiology and immunology courses ground you in biomedical concepts and research skills. We help pave the way for your future success in graduate programs and high-demand science careers.
  • Fellowships and Awards
    We have competitive awards that recognize your scholarly excellence and contributions to our scientific community.
  • Micro Club
    Outside of classrooms and labs, you will have many opportunities to engage in leadership, informal learning and networking.
  • Teaching and Learning Facilities
    Our leading-edge teaching resources bolster your microbiology and immunology education and help you make the most of your training.
  • How to Apply
    We offer PhD and MA degrees in microbiology and immunology. Learn how to apply at the doctoral or master’s level.