Child Neurology

Guided by some of the top child neurologists and pediatric specialists in the nation, you will augment your adult neurology training with pediatric experience, enhancing your ability to evaluate and treat infants and children with common neurological diseases.

Focused Pediatric Experience

Through our focused child neurology rotation, you will learn from child neurology faculty and senior child neurology residents as you develop specialized skills in diagnosing and managing young patients. These include:

  • performing bedside procedures, including lumbar punctures
  • performing age-appropriate neurological and developmental examinations and physicals
  • reviewing laboratory and neuroimaging results
  • managing follow-up care, including vital signs, laboratory or radiological investigation results
  • gathering pertinent information from patients, families, medical records and referring physicians
  • communicating effectively with patients, family members and other health care providers

You will further enhance your clinical skill set through a minimum week-long experience in the Long-Term Monitoring Unit as you evaluate children with severe seizure disorders.

Comprehensive, Career-Focused Learning

You will learn from frequent dialogue with and relevant feedback from more experienced team members, as you present and discuss your assigned patients during daily rounds.

You also will build competence by actively participating in and taking your turn presenting cases during our weekly Child Neurology Conference.

You will gain an understanding of both normal and abnormal development of the nervous system through our robust didactic training.

Diverse Patient Population

You will encounter a wide variety of conditions in male and female pediatric patients from throughout the Western New York region, including:

  • epilepsy
  • multiple sclerosis
  • movement disorders
  • syncope and other alterations of consciousness
  • psychiatric disorders
  • pain
  • infections

You will become an integral part of the care team in multiple settings — hospital wards, ICUs, the emergency room — and provide urgent consultations in outpatient clinics.

Length of Rotation

3 modules

Year Taken

Clinical Site