Specialty Clinics (Outpatient Rotations)

Hone your interests in nine neurological subspecialties as you develop your ability to diagnose, treat and manage diverse neurological conditions, working closely with our expert subspecialists in specialty clinics.

You will gain invaluable experience during these outpatient rotations, undertaking increased responsibility for patient care in an ambulatory setting — where most patients with neurological conditions are evaluated.

Personalized, Career-Focused Training

You will receive personalized training as you amass core knowledge of various subspecialties.

In addition, you will develop practical skills and knowledge essential to your future outpatient practice, including those related to:

  • community resources beneficial to outpatients, such as hospice and patient advocacy groups
  • evolving outpatient practices, such as the effective use of nurse practitioners, and current agency regulations, including those for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • the consultation process
  • effective communication with referring physicians, health care professionals, agencies and insurers


Each clinic half-day, you will see an average of two to three new patients and two to three follow-up patients. As you progress through your residency, your caseload will gradually increase to the higher end of this range. 

Guided by attending physicians, you will begin to make major medical decisions as you care for patients through follow-up visits.

You will be the first to examine an incoming patient, take a history and formulate a diagnosis (including a differential diagnosis) and treatment plan.

You will then discuss your impressions and findings with the attending, who also will examine the patient and review the case with you.

Resident Schedule

5 days (10 half-days) per week, 2 different clinics per day

Small Staff-Resident Ratio

A qualified staff person works closely with one to three residents.

Care Team

  • behavioral neurologists
  • neuropsychologists
  • stroke neurologists
  • movement disorder experts