Guided by a psychiatrist, you will gain exposure to a wide range of neuropsychiatric conditions in medical and surgical patients and develop proficiency as a primary consultant, adding an essential skill set to your adult neurology expertise.

During our psychiatry rotation, you will be introduced to psychopathology and, guided by our experienced psychiatric experts, you will expand your knowledge base to include the diagnosis and management of patients with psychiatric illnesses, such as delirium, dementia and somatoform disorders.

You will learn about:

  • mental status examination and formal cognitive testing
  • use and complications of psychotropic medications
  • information gathering from multiple sources: patients, family, referring physicians, ward staff, social agencies
  • ethical issues unique to psychiatry, such as confidentiality and Tarasoff case practices

Psychological Aspects of Disease

You also will gain an understanding of issues that will help you care for all patients, such as:

  • the impact of illnesses, hospitalization and medical care on psychological functioning
  • psychological aspects of the patient-physician relationship
  • personal, social and cultural factors in disease processes and their clinical expression

Comprehensive, Career-Focused Learning

Our robust didactic program complements and enhances your clinical skills with relevant lectures in psychiatry and psychology.


Typically, you will follow two to three patients at a time on an inpatient psychiatry consultation-liaison service.

Year Taken

Length of Rotation

1 module

Clinical Site

Team Members

  • neuropsychologist
  • psychiatrist
  • psychiatry residents
  • social workers