Multiple Sclerosis

Building on your inpatient multiple sclerosis (MS) experiences, you will develop your ability to care for patients in outpatient settings. You will have broad exposure to patients in a region with one of the highest MS disease rates in the nation as you learn cutting-edge strategies from our internationally recognized MS specialists in our comprehensive, multidisciplinary Jacobs MS Center for Treatment and Research.

From diagnosis through follow up, you will gain expertise as you:

  1. recognize symptoms and localize neurologic lesions
  2. use and interpret common diagnostic tests: blood tests, lumbar puncture results, evoked potentials, MRIs and neuropsychologic evaluations
  3. apply MRI-based McDonald criteria to an MS diagnosis to demonstrate the dissemination of central nervous system lesions in space and time
  4. formulate differential diagnoses incorporating patients’ medical history and neurological exam abnormalities
  5. understand systemic approaches to managing MS
  6. develop care plans, including follow-up diagnostic tests and treatment, according to evidence-based medical knowledge in MS
  7. make use of MS-specific disease-modifying therapies and symptomatic drugs

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