Validation of Image-based Joint Contact Area Measurements

Accurate and non-invasive measurement of the contact area between articulating surfaces of a load-bearing joint has a broad range of orthopaedic applications. A new cone beam CT system has been developed for imaging of extremities under load bearing conditions. This system also has novel analytical tools that include measurement of joint contact area and joint contact pressure distribution.

The purpose of this cadaveric study is to compare the image-based measurements of joint contact area and pressure obtained with the CT system to direct sensor-based measurements acquired with a Tekscan thin film sensor system that is directly inserted into the joint space. By validating the ability this cone beam CT system to measure joint contact area and pressure, it would allow for a noninvasive, rapid, in-vivo method of assessing the biomechanical properties of joints.

This method could then be applied to areas of orthopaedics such as the impact of joint diseases, the effects of corrective surgery and orthopaedic implant design.


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