Research and Scholarship

In accordance with ACGME requirements, our fellows are expected to complete at least one scholarly activity work product.

Our fellows usually participate in, design and lead at least one quality improvement project in addition to their primary research project. Each fellow has a Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) to review their projects.

Our Areas of Expertise

Research projects may be basic/translational, clinical or educational, based on your interests.

You will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of research mentors within the core neonatal faculty or the Department of Pediatrics.

Arun and Hamza.

Dr. Arun Prasath (left) and Dr. Hamza Abbasi received the 2022 American Academy of Pediatrics Neonatology Resuscitation Program Young Investigator Grant Award

Our fellows have been successful in writing and receiving research grants, such as NRP young investigator grants. They have consistently won awards and accolades for their research at local, regional, national and international forums. Fellow presentations at these conferences are supported and encouraged.

We have an active research program led by divisional faculty. Our unique ovine research facility and protocol at the Center for Developmental Biology of the Lung (CDBL) has led to pioneering research in the fields of fetal to newborn transition, pulmonary hypertension, surfactant development, neonatal resuscitation and oxygen use.

Arun and Clariss.

Dr. Clariss Blanco and Dr. Arun Prasath received an award for their outstanding abstract submitted to the 2022 National Conference & Exhibition (NCE) in Anaheim, California. Their respective abstract was among the Top 10 SONPM abstracts submitted this year to AAP.

We actively participate in cutting edge research trials as part of the NICHD Neonatal Research Network, a national research consortium. In addition, there are a variety of clinical, quality improvement, simulation based and educational research opportunities spearheaded by divisional faculty, who welcome fellow initiative and involvement.

Research Support

Dedicated research support, both clinical and basic/translational, is provided by research technicians and coordinators.

Srinivasa and Andreina.

Dr. Srinivasan Mani (left, 2020) and Dr. Andreina Mari (2021) received the American Academy of Pediatrics Neonatal Resuscitation Program Young Investigator Grant Award.

Mausma Bawa.

Dr. Mausma Bawa received the 2022 Basic Science Research Award and SPR Clinical Research Award

Mausma Bawa.

Dr. Mausma Bawa (2021) received the 2022 ESPR Trainee Diversity in the Workforce Award