Applying for Residency

Applications for the Pediatric Residency Program are accepted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) beginning in September each year. All candidates must participate in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) Match.

Application Deadline

November 1st of each year

Required References

  • Dean’s letter
  • Transcript
  • Three professional references

If possible, one reference should be from a pediatric chair or from the head of a clinical service on which you recently served.


Interviews are held by invitation only from November through January.

Appointment Details

Residents are paid by University Medical Resident Services, PC (UMRS). A sample copy of the contract is available on the Office of Graduate Medical Education website.

  • ACGME ID Number: 320-35-21-140
  • NRMP Match Number: 3099320C0
  • Program Name: University at Buffalo Program in Pediatrics
  • Program Director: Bree Kramer, DO
  • Training Program Administrators: Alessandra Zerbo ( and Trinisha Brown (
  • Start Date: June 24, 2023 for 2022-2023 candidates
  • First Day of Service: July 1, 2023 for 2022-2023 candidates
  • Length of Program: 3 years
  • Number of PL-1/PGY-1 positions: 16
  • Total Number of Residents in Our Program: 50

The listing of an applicant by a program on its certified rank order list or of a program by an applicant on the applicant’s certified rank order list establishes a binding commitment to offer or to accept an appointment if a match results. Each such appointment is subject to the official policies of the appointing institution in effect on the date the program submits its rank order list and is contingent upon the matching applicant meeting all eligibility requirements imposed by those policies.


For further information on additional requirements and general residency questions, contact:

Training Program Administrators

Alessandra Zerbo

Training Program Administrator, Pediatric Residency Program

Department of Pediatrics

Conventus, 1001 Main Street, Room 5143, Buffalo, NY 14203