How to Apply

Applications are accepted only through ERAS.

At the University at Buffalo, our selection process aims to maximize applicant-program fit and ensure all applicants have an equitable opportunity to demonstrate their skills and capabilities. High-potential candidates are asked to complete an online assessment through SelectWise. The assessment allows us to gain more information about you, as well as provides you with a realistic preview of what it’s like to be a trainee in our program so you can determine if we are the fit for you. We kindly ask candidates to complete this survey in a timely fashion if/when it is received.   

Quick Information

Group of surgery residents.
  • nine categorical spots available per year
  • research years optional and available after PGY2 or PGY3 year
  • designated and undesignated preliminary spots available
  • the only general surgery residency in Buffalo
  • Surgery Plus Program allows residents to obtain advanced degrees in other areas


Interviews take place between late October and mid-February. For our 2022-2023 interview season, interviews will be conducted virtually via zoom, with the possibility of optional “open houses” where candidates may visit in-person.

With every interview date, whether virtual or in-person, the night before we invite all candidates to enjoy an informal dinner with the residents held via zoom or hosted at a local brewery here in Buffalo.

Faculty interviewers have been equipped with the knowledge and skills to conduct structured, unbiased, and job-related interviews so that all candidates have a fair opportunity to demonstrate their competencies. We hope these interactions are just the first of many that demonstrate our passion and commitment to identifying and supporting the future leaders of surgery.

Our interview dates themselves include a program information presentation given by the program director, interviews with faculty members including program and associate program directors, interactions with faculty and residents, and when in-person, a lunch and a short tour of our spectacular medical campus.


Please address all inquiries and other correspondence to:

Program Director

Cooper, Clairice

Clairice Cooper, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery, Associate Program Director, General Surgery Residency Program

DK Miller Building, Office 310, Erie County Medical Center Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: 716-898-5104; Fax: 716-898-3194


Training Program Administrator

Melissa Beckman.

Melissa Beckman

Training Program Administrator

Erie County Medical Center, DK Miller Building, 3rd Floor, 462 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 898-3627; Fax: (716) 898-5029