Liise Kayler, John Reiner Narvaez, and Kevin Espino.

Liise Kayler, John Reiner Narvaez, and Kevin Espino.

Our pursuit of groundbreaking research in surgery complements our department’s commitment to excellence in clinical care and education.

Research and Innovation Resources

Our passion for providing extraordinary patient care has generated a trans-disciplinary research and innovation enterprise committed to academic excellence, impactful research, and trans-formative innovation.

Research and innovation is managed by the Research and Innovation Committee, which is comprised of a diverse membership and meets monthly. The Research and Innovation Committee’s primary goals are to provide support for our investigators, innovators, and trainees and pursue integration of research across disciplines, sites, and researcher types to promote new collaborative thinking.

Division Research Meetings

We hold monthly meetings for residents and faculty as follows:

Meeting When Where Contact
Pediatrics Quarterly Room 1002 Oishei Children's Hospital
Transplant Every Tuesday 12:30-1:30pm Kayler’s office ECMC 10th floor
BGH General Hospital Quarterly Buffalo General Hospital
ECMC General Surgery Every Tuesday 2pm Erie County Medical Center
Vascular First Thursdays of the month 9-10am BGH 7th floor B-7 Conference Room
  • Datasets
    Residents, fellows and faculty have access to comprehensive datasets allowing them to take a data driven approach to research.
  • Facilities
    Students, residents, fellows and faculty have access to state-of-the art labs and facilities that foster collaboration and innovation.
  • Funding
    Residents, fellows and faculty have the ability to secure substantial funding for their research efforts. 
  • Publications
    The Department of Surgery is an academic powerhouse. Faculty and residents alike strive to share their research with the world.
  • Research Education
    Educational and training programs are in place to give our researchers of tomorrow the tools they need to succeed in the world of academia.
  • Services and Support
    The Department of Surgery is commited to providing our students, residents, fellows and faculty with the support they need to push the limits of innovation and research. 
  • Research Day
    Our research day highlights our continued productivity in research and publications. This is a great opportunity to interact with your colleagues and see the diverse research activity in our department.