Research Day

Surgical resident Heather Logghe, MD giving an oral presentation at the 19th Annual Research Day.

Surgical resident Heather Logghe, MD, giving an oral presentation at the department’s 19th annual Research Day.

Our research day highlights our continued productivity in research and publications. This is a great opportunity to interact with your colleagues and see the diverse research activity in our department.

20th Annual Research Day

The Department of Surgery Research Day is our annual celebration of the scientific advancements achieved by our surgeons, scientists, residents, and students. Over the past several years, our Research Day has become much more than a mere celebration; it has become an opportunity for the faculty and residents to strengthen existing partnerships and establish new collaborations across the clinical and academic realm.

2023 Winning Abstracts

Oral Presentations

1st Place:   

On the Journey to Measure Expertise – What Can Functional Imaging Tell Us?

Authors: Joseph C. L’Huillier, MD (Resident); Yaoyu Fu, PhD; Cara B. Jones, BA; Ajay A. Myneni, MBBS, PhD, MPH; Suvranu De, ScD; Lora Cavuoto, PhD; Anirban Dutta, PhD; Clairice A. Cooper, MD, MHPE, FACS; Steven D. Schwaitzberg, MD, FACS 
Presenter: Joseph C. L’Huillier, MD

2nd Place:
Peribiliary Gland Injury by Floxuridine may be an Early Mechanistic Insult En-Route to Biliary Sclerosis

Authors: Carrie E. Ryan, MD; Stephanie N. Gregory, MD; Martha Teke, MD; Leila Sarvestani, MD; Kirsten Remmert, PhD; Yuri Lin, BS; Jacob T. Lambdin, MD; Emily C. Smith, PhD; Ashley Rainey, BS; Sarfraz R. Akmal, BS; Stephie Lux, BS; Tracey Pu, MD; Kenneth Luberice, MD, MS; David E. Kleiner, MD, PhD; Jonathan M. Hernandez, MD 
Presenter: Carrie E. Ryan, MD

3rd Place:
Association of Age and Frailty with Clinical Outcomes in Geriatric Patients with Rib Fractures 

Authors: Kevin Todd, MD (Resident); Joseph C. L’Huillier, MD (Resident); Kabir Jalal, PhD; Heather Logghe, MD (Resident); Jeffrey Jordan, MD, PhD; William Flynn, MD; W Alan Guo MD, PhD
Presenter: Heather Logghe, MD

Quickshot Presentations

1st Place:
Differences Across the Pond: Mechanisms of Injury and Outcomes of Traumatic Brain Injury in Portugal and the United States

Authors: Eduarda Sá-Marta; Kabir Jalal; João Vasco Santos; Alberto Freitas; José Luís Alves; Weidun Alan Guo 
Presenter: Eduarda Sa-Marta, MD

Poster Presentations

Group 1 Winner:
Competition Based Learning: Inspiring Interest in Surgical Skills Development 

Authors: Nicco Ruggiero, BS (Medical Student); Joseph C. L’Huillier, MD (Resident); Nigel Marine BS (Medical Student); Owen Burns; Farrah Mawani, BS (Medical Student); Muavé Sanders, BS; Adam Abbas, BS (Medical Student); Timothy M. Adams, MD; Byron F. Santos, MD; Yana R. Wirengard, MD; James “Butch” Rosser, MD, FACS

Group 2 Winner:
Specific Stressors, Sleep Patterns, Self-Efficacy, and Burnout Rates Among Physicians at a Single Center 

Authors: Helen A. Potter MD; Monica S. O’Brien-Irr MS RN; Matthew W. Henninger EdM; Catherine Flanagan-Priore PhD; Peter Winkelstein MD MBA; Linda M. Harris MD

Group 3 Winner:
Inspiring Inspiration: Creation of a Smart Incentive Spirometer 

Authors: Kai Kumero; Samantha Zavala; Storiya Iqbal; Tasbeeh Malik; William Kelly MD, MS; Brian Quaranto, MD, MS; Gene Yang, MD

Honorable Mention

Nichols High School Students:
The Effects of Antibiotics on Long-Term Survival and Recurrence Free Survival in NSCLC Lobectomy Patients 

Authors: Rebecca Korsh; Matthew Carlson; Long Hao Li; Trisha Jupudy; Gabriella Radford; Cole Schoenborn; Johnson Schwede; Rene Bouchard; Sai Yendamuri, MD

2023 Research Day Winners: vascular fellow Andrew Rogers, surgery residents Joe L'Huillier, medical student Nicco Ruggiero, and surgery resident Carrie Ryan.

A few of the 2023 Research Day winners: vascular fellow Andrew Rogers, MD; surgery resident Joe L’Huillier, MD; medical student Nicco Ruggiero, and surgery resident Carrie Ryan, MD.

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