Group of UB General Surgery Residents.

UB Surgery is an innovation powerhouse that fosters synergy among great minds. We value merit, community and most importantly the patients we care for.

A Supportive Environment

Becoming a great surgeon is not easy, but you don't have to do it alone. You will find piece of mind in knowing that your fellow residents will be there to grab drinks and decompress after a stressful day, or cover your shift in the case of a family emergency. Our attending surgeons will always be there to provide guidance and support you on your journey through residency.

"The residents I work with are a very special group of people. We have a unique bond. We are like a big family, a family of 55. We all work together and we all help one another out." ~ Dr. Joel Durinka (PGY-3)

We are humans before we are surgeons and we understand the importance of life and family outside of the operating room. It is not a requirement to put your life on hold during residency years. Many of our residents have found love and happiness in meaningful relationships and some have even started families. 

Meet Dr. Bethany Harvey, a PGY-3 surgery resident and a proud mother of 3 beautiful children.

An Innovation Powerhouse

The University at Buffalo general surgery residency program is one of the oldest surgical training programs in the nation and has been innovating for more than 150 years.

The Department of Surgery is part of a top tier research institution and the wheels of discovery never stop turning. Our faculty and residents regularly publish research findings in prestigious academic journals and share their knowledge at national and international conferences.

UB is not the only innovator in town, in fact Buffalo itself has been fostering innovation and entrepreneurship since its birth in the 1800's. 

Buffalo has a long list of firsts including the first successful skin graft, the world's first movie theater and many more.

Residents with a Voice

How does a residency program become the best it can be? Our answer is synergy. As a resident, you have unparalleled insight into the program, and we want to hear your thoughts. The Resident Leadership Committee is a platform that enables residents to create a residency they want to be part of.