Surgery Plus Program

We offer unique opportunities for surgical residents to obtain higher education during residency including MBA, MPH, Masters of Education, Masters of Engineering and Biomedical Informatics Fellowship.

Integrated MBA Fellowship

Kaleida Health/UB School of Management MBA Scholarship

In this program, residents enter the program after their PGY 2 or 3 year. During the next two years resident responsibility is split between clinical practice and MBA classes.

This means that surgical residency is never interrupted for more than a few months and the total addition to the education is only one year.

This program is intended for the resident wishing to be a leader in the field of surgical administration and to shape the direction of the field of surgery.

Three residents in scrubs.

Surgery Plus residents Rafa Perez, MD (MBA), Jane Zhao, MD (Clinical Informatics Fellow) and Gene Yang, MD (Masters in Engineering)

MPH Scholarship & Research

UB School of Public Health MPH Scholarship

In collaboration with the UB School of Public Health, residents enter the MPH program after their PGY 2 or 3 year.

This program is designed so that the resident may dedicate time to their MPH degree, while simultaneously completing research over two years.

This program helps those who wish to be a leader in public health administration.

Liise Taylor, Reinier Narvaez and medical student.

Surgery Plus residents Liise Kayler, MD, (left), Reinier Narvaez, MD, MPH (center)

Masters in Engineering Scholarship

Medtronic/UB Surgical Masters in Engineering Scholarship

Residents enter the program after their PGY 3 year to attend engineering classes and to work with industry in the development of new medical technology.

This program promotes surgical innovation and is intended for the resident wishing to be a leader in surgical device development.


Steven Schwaitzberg, MD (right).

Fellowship in Medical Bioinformatics

2 year UB Fellowship in Biomedical informatics

Residents enter after their PGY 2 or 3 year and spend time developing skills in management of the immense amount of medical information currently available to us. Significant opportunities for research and publications are a part of this fellowship.

This is intended for the resident wishing to be a leader in this field and aspiring to an academic career.

Current Residents




A team of Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences entrepreneurs is launching a new company to solve problems that surgeons experience firsthand.

Thomas Langan, MD, a surgery resident, and Jinwei Hu, MD, a clinical informatics fellow, won first place for their overall pitch and business idea at the recent WNY Regional Business Competition. Langan and Hu are also in the Surgery Plus Program.
Department of Surgery faculty and trainees were represented at the February 2019 Academic Surgical Congress, held in Houston, Texas.