Joint and Dual Degree Programs

"The faculty’s personalized approach helps you reach your potential," says John Lewis Etter.

Our joint and dual degree programs give you the training and credentials needed to realize a highly specialized role within medicine.

Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD)

Our well-integrated curriculum combines intensive research experience with rigorous clinical training, preparing you for a career as a physician-scientist. As an MD/PhD student, you will receive a fully funded education—and graduate, on average, in seven years.

MD/MBA Program

This highly competitive program allows you to earn both degrees in a five-year period in cooperation with the UB School of Management.

MD/MPH Program

This combined program allows you to earn an MD and a master’s degree in public health in five to six years. You apply during your second year of medical school.

Medical Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Program (MOMS)

You will earn your MD and a certificate of proficiency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in a six-year program sponsored by the School of Dental Medicine and conducted jointly with the Graduate Medical-Dental Education Consortium of Buffalo, our medical school and three UB-affiliated hospitals.