Visiting Students

We welcome requests from U.S. medical school students for fourth-year clinical electives at any of the hospitals or institutions affiliated with the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

For the 2024-2025 academic year, our catalog is viewable on VSLO|VSAS in February and accepting applications in March.

All electives offerings to visiting students are listed on VSLO, if you do not see a particular elective listed, it is not being offered.

Elective Rotation Dates

Visiting students attending US LCME accredited medical schools are required to use AAMC's Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) portal to apply in order to take fourth year clinical electives at any of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences school’s affiliated hospitals or institutions.

The tremendous demand for educational experiences by students’ trained elsewhere, especially internationally-trained students far exceeds our ability to accommodate them. Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences therefore, established a policy that will keep open visiting student opportunities for medical students attending a domestic medical institution only.

Elective Rotation Dates

Our academic calendar is divided into 13 four-week modules across the year.

2024-2025 Calendar

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Jul 1 - Jul 28
Jul 29 - Aug 25
Aug 26 - Sep 22
Sep 23 - Oct 20
Oct 21 - Nov 17
Nov 18 - Dec 15
Dec 16 - Jan 12
Jan 13 - Feb 9
Feb 10 - Mar 9
Mar 10 - Apr 6
Apr 7 - May 4
May 5 - Jun 1
Jun 2 - Jun 29

Please note that Commercial General Public Liability insurance is required at a minimum  coverage amount of 1 million per occurrence/3 million aggregate. 

This is in addition to Professional Liability insurance at a minimum coverage amount of 1 million per occurrence/3 million aggregate.


Our Office of Student and Academic Affairs administers this program. Questions should be directed to:

Lisa Zander.

Lisa Zander

Assistant Director of Academic Administration

955 Main Street, Room 6134, Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 881-7507