John Stone, MD

John Stone, MD.

John Stone, MD

Watchful Heart Noticing Eye

The 2003 Lawrence and Nancy Golden lectureship at the University at Buffalo was awarded to Dr. John Stone.

Dr. Stone was on the faculty of Emory University School of Medicine for many years and is credited with founding their emergency medicine program.

He has also taught creative writing and literature at Emory College and Oxford University in England. Dr. Stone has received countless awards for teaching and his contributions to the medical profession.

He has published many books of poems, fiction and the practice of medicine. “On Doctoring” is a wonderful book that describes the attributes we aspire to in the helping professions. This text is given out to medical students upon matriculation at many medical schools including the University at Buffalo.

Dr. Stone’s lecture was entitled “Watchful Heart Noticing Eye”. He described his many and varied experiences as a physician and the importance of getting to know the patient beyond the usual diagnostic tests. Sprinkled throughout the lecture were readings from Dr. Stone’s prose and poetry which illustrated his message. The students and faculty in attendance enjoyed both the message and the style of presentation.