Event Policies

All event organizers and attendees are required to comply with these policies.

UBCard Must Be Displayed

Your UB Card must be visible at all times in Jacobs School facilities, including classrooms, labs, hallways and study rooms.

Room Set-up

Rooms are set up in a standard configuration. If an alternate configuration is desired, contact the Jacobs School Facilities Management Office.

Client is responsible for all clean-up and removal of food, trash, and display items at the end of their scheduled event.

No set-up is permitted prior to the scheduled set-up time of the event. Load-out/clean-up must occur after the scheduled end of the event and before the next scheduled event. Set-up, breakdown, clean-up and other event related activities may not interfere with other activities within the Jacobs School.

Client is responsible for adhering to all building and fire code regulations such as but not limited to: blocking safety equipment, egress out of the facility and over-population of rooms.

Additional equipment may be rented through Hale Northeastern, including:

  • Bistro/cocktail tables
  • Chairs
  • Coat racks
  • Easels for posters 
  • Tables - 8ft or rounds
Do not remove chairs, tables or other furniture from the facilities

Contact us prior to your meeting for feasibility or room reassignment if you anticipate the need for additional chairs.


Send a notice of cancellation to jsmbs-facilities@buffalo.edu as far in advance as possible.


Cient is responsible for all damage caused by any person associated with the event and is responsible for the cost of repair.

Damages resulting from the actions or use of the facility by any vendor contracted by the client are the sole responsibility of the client.

Client agrees to leave the Jacobs School premises in the same condition as existed prior to the event, ordinary wear and use excepted.

Additional charges due to unusual  post-event cleanup are the responsibility by the client.

Pre-and post-event inspection of premises by responsible individual and Jacobs School representative may be arranged.

The Jacobs School is not responsible for any damage or loss to client’s property, agents, employees, etc., regardless of the cause of such damage or loss.

Food and Beverage

Catering arrangements made through Three Pillars Catering experience benefits in the facility due to their affiliation with the University at Buffalo.

Client is responsible for obtaining a liquor license/special permit if alcohol will be served. Arrangements must be made through Three Pillars Catering.

Outside caterers must provide additional permits and use Main and High entrance for deliveries.  

AV and Event Planning

Client is responsible for making AV support, video-taping, video-conferencing, conference telephone, and any other AV arrangements at least two weeks prior to the event through the Jacobs School’s Office of Medical Computing as needed.

All rooms have integrated Windows PCs and 4k projectors. HDMI laptop connections and wireless AirMedia options available for personal devices. MAC and PC users must supply their own adaptors if they do not have HDMI.

Laser pointers and slide advancers are not supplied.

AV instructions are posted in each room and available online.

Client is responsible for ensuring knowledge of operation of AV equipment in advance of the event date. The Jacobs School does not provide technicians to events.

IT support can be requested for issues that arise during an event by contacting the Office of Medical Computing.


Must be requested at the time of reservation and is only available in select rooms.

Door Signs, Displays, Décor, Event Materials, Supplies and Outside Vendor Equipment

All door signs, displays and décor are subject to approval by Jacobs School and must meet all building and fire code regulations.

Blue painter’s tape is the only allowable means to hang any signage.

All door signs, displays and décor must be removed from the building at the end of the event.

Glitter, confetti, small jewels or helium balloons are not permitted.

Loading Dock Procedures

Make arrangements for loading dock access at least one week in advance.

Contact jsmbs-facilities@buffalo.edu if you need access to loading docks during off hours. Additional charges may apply.

Loading Dock Hours

7:30 am – 3:30 pm

Closed 11 - 11:30 am

See mailroom (1125) for access if the receiving office (1121) is closed.


Music must not interfere with other building activities.


The University at Buffalo is committed to providing a healthy, comfortable, and safe smoke-free environment for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Organizers of and attendees at public events, such as conferences, meetings, lectures, social events, cultural and athletic events using University-managed property will be required to abide by the University at Buffalo Smoke-Free Policy.


The University at Buffalo and Jacobs School cannot assume liability for damage or loss of any items left in our facility, prior to, during or following your event.

University Police


Jacobs School Security Desk