Training Program Administrator Council (TPAC)

The University at Buffalo training program administrators meet as a group to network with their peers, share best practices, seek peer support and learn about new GME policies and procedures. These meetings focus on ACGME accreditation requirements and reviewing the procedures required by the GME office through discussion and in-depth training.

To highlight the importance of professional development, the TPAC Council plans a TPA Development Day. It’s a day away from the office and focuses on issues important to training program administrators in Buffalo.

Administrators should feel free to address any questions to the members of the Training Program Administrator Council (TPAC).

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Next TPAC Meeting:

Training Program Administrator Committee Council (TPACC)


The Training Program Administrator Committee Council (TPACC) will collaborate with the GME Training Program Administrator Liaison to manage the scheduling, content and logistics of TPAC meetings and the annual TPA Development Day event.  Collaborative management of this committee will assist TPAs in becoming GME leaders, an aspirational goal of the TPA milestones.  The council will advocate for initiatives that will align with the professional development needs of TPAs; provide an enhanced opportunity for peer-to-peer education; support and consider national issues for educational discussions; and encourage presentation of UB GME TPA-driven projects at national conferences.

Council Structure and Responsibility

  • Chair: Will be responsible to conduct meetings; monitor and lead follow-up activities; represent TPA perspectives and serve as a formal representative of TPAC membership to GME staff;
  • Vice-Chair: This is a two-year commitment. Vice-Chair will support and serve TPAC membership and in the absence of the chair will serve in same capacity; will assume Chair leadership position in year two;
  • Members: Supporting positions to provide feedback, guidance and support to chair and vice-chair.


  • All members of TPAC are invited and encouraged to participate;
  • Leadership will be selected by the GME TPA liaison;
  • Council leadership must be willing to be an active, working participant in the council, ensuring that current job  responsibilities will still be met;
  • GME has final approval of meeting agenda content;
  • Council participation will commence July 1st through June 30th the following year;
  • Interested candidates should contact Amanda Bevacqua (
  • Formal introductions will be made at the first TPAC meeting of the new academic year.


Nathali Head.

Nathali Head

Program Administrator for: UBMD/IM, PH/GPM Residency, IM/PM Residency

Erie County Medical Center, David K. Miller Building, 462 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 898-4578


Vice Chair


Melissa Beckman.

Melissa Beckman

Training Program Administrator

Erie County Medical Center, DK Miller Building, 3rd Floor, 462 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 898-3627; Fax: (716) 898-5029


Carol A. Regan, C-TAGME

Residency Training Program Administrator


Erie County Medical Center, 462 Grider St., Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 898-4221; Fax: (716) 898-4538


Rachel Taylor.

Rachel Taylor

Training Program Administrator

Department of Radiology

100 High Street, Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 859-3480


Michelle Wahl

Training Program Administrator

Department of Radiation Oncology

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Elm & Carlton Streets, Buffalo, NY 14263

Phone: (716) 845-1180; Fax: (716) 845-8254


Danielle Selleck

Assistant Training Program Administrator

Division of Diagnostic Hematology

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Elm & Carlton Streets, Buffalo, NY 14263

Phone: (716) 845-7183; Fax: (716) 845-3427


Or contact GME :

Amanda Bevacqua.

Amanda Bevacqua

Operations Director

Graduate Medical Education

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 955 Main Street, Room 7230, Buffalo, NY 14203-1121

Phone: (716) 829-6132; Fax: (716) 829-3999