Windows 11 Migration

The Office of Medical Computing (OMC) is starting a project to migrate our computer image and all computers in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to Windows 11.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 has an “End of life” coming in Fall 2025. After that time, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 and will stop releasing security fixes for it. At that time, Windows 10 machines will no longer comply with UB's network use policy and will need to be removed from the network. We are looking to have everyone migrated to Windows 11 well before Fall 2025.

Getting to Know Windows 11

The following initial actions are planned for this migration

  • On Monday, April 15, 2024 we will only be distributing computers with Windows 11 on them. That includes new computers and computers that OMC needs to re-image.
  • We recommend that everyone run the Microsoft Pre-Check program to make sure that your computer is compatible with Windows 11. If the Pre-Check program states that your computer is not compatible, I recommend reaching out to your department about a replacement computer.
  1. Download the Microsoft Pre-Check program to a folder location on your PC
  2. Find the downloaded file, pchealthcheck.msi.
  3. Execute the file by double-clicking 
Microsoft Pre-Check Program:

UB Distributed Windows PCs

Computers are distributed through many channels within the school. Although OMC keeps a record of computers it provides an image for, it does not have a record of whether or not these computers are Windows 11 compatible. The status of an individual computer in terms of its compatibility with the upgrade can only be determined by the individual responsible for the computer running the pre-check tool on it. If the computer does not pass the pre-check, it will need to be replaced following usual departmental processes. Since departments are preparing their annual budget proposals now, it will be good to do this sooner rather than later. Current standard desktops in Shop Blue are $919 each. Laptops are $1,106 each.

We will be coordinating updates for departments via ATCs who will have additional information for you. It will include general guidance on what should be preserved before upgrading in case there are issues with the upgrade. If you elect not to wait, be sure your important data is backed up, including any software/keys/licenses that are not part of the OMC base image. Compatible machines and software should upgrade without problems, but this is the backup if that is not the case.

JSMBS AV Podiums and Computing Labs

The Office of Medical Computing (OMC) is planning to upgrade the Computing Labs and JSMBS AV Podiums at 955 Main St. to Windows 11 on the following schedule:

Week of May 27th, 2024

  • Computing Labs (2210 J and 6100 A + B)

May 27th through the end of July 2024

  • JSMBS AV Teaching Podiums 
    • 1110, 1201, 3101, 3103, 3130, 3132, 3254
    • 4101, 4118, 4218, 5101, 5224
    • 6128, 6129, 6180, 6192, 6201, 6207 (A&B)
    • 6209 (A&B), 6240  (A&B), 6282
    • 7140, 7150, 7230, 7240

We do not expect this upgrade to interfere with any software programs that are on  these computers. If you use the AV podiums to teach in the above rooms or  computing labs, we do recommend that you familiarize yourself with the new  Windows 11 upgraded computers and update any documentation you use in these  rooms after the above dates.


The following UBIT supported rooms at 955 Main St. will NOT BE UPGRADED as part of this work: 1111A/B, 1112A/B, 1220 Active Learning, 1225A/B, 1226, 1227, 1228, 2120A/B M&T, 2133, 2134, 2135, 2211A/B,  2212A/B, 2213A/B, 2220A/B Dozoretz