Faculty Profile and eCV

eCV is the database that populates the faculty profiles in the websites of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and its departments. eCV can also create NIH Biosketches and custom CVs for promotion and tenure requirements.

Entering your information into the eCV database automatically builds your online faculty profile, and gives you a powerful tool to create custom CVs and NIH biosketches. You have to enter your information only once to gain access to all of eCV's benefits.

Ensure Your Faculty Profile Is Current

Recent faculty publications and research grants are displayed in specific pages on many department sites. Keep your faculty profile up to date to ensure that these pages display your most recent accomplishments.

Core Components

Complete these fields to create an eCV that will provide visitors with the information they want:

  • title
  • terminal degree (in the suffix field of the biographical section)
  • education
  • publications
  • grants
  • research focus area/specialty
  • presentations and professional membership
  • the  “biographical sketch,” a 300-word professional summary

Review your data in eCV regularly to make sure your contact information, awards, grants and other data stay current.

Visual Guides

These guides show your faculty profiles as they appear on the medical school and UBMD websites, with the main eCV menu alongside them. Color-coded numbers map the elements of your faculty profile to items as they appear in the eCV menu.

The color-coded elements highlight the sections of your eCV that are published in your faculty profiles.

Writing Guidelines for Researchers

Writing Guidelines for Clinicians

Some of these files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website.