Account Security

As an organization that is a source of trusted information, the security of your social media account is crucial.

Protect Your Account

Use strong passwords

Using a strong password helps prevent unauthorized access to your account. Using a password that is both unique and complex can help keep an account secure. 

For example:

  • weak password: ubpediatrics2021 (no capital letters or special characters)    
  • strong password: 21P3d$ub! (a good mix of different cases, symbols, and numbers)

Review account security settings

When you first create a new social media account, the most important step is to review all security features to find out what you can do to make your profile as secure as possible.

All social media channels have an option to activate two-factor authentication, which is a higher level of security than just ordinary passwords. Two-factor authentication will require you to enter a one-time code sent to a phone number or email address associated with the account.

Your should also review your account’s notification settings to ensure activity notifications are sent to a trusted individual who helps manage the account. Recent login activity logs are also available on some channels; you should review them at least twice yearly.

Handling Negative/Attacking Comments

Most social media interactions are polite and respectful, but monitor your accounts to ensure you are not caught off guard by negative comments or attacks.

The university has recommendations for attaching comment guidelines to social media services that allow for user feedback.

Know when and how to escalate issues

Be sure to check your channels and any keywords or hashtags you are following for potentially harmful comments. Be sure to escalate anything that may warrant a response.

Watch out for posts that:

  • are quickly gaining traction — like from an influencer or an account with numerous followers
  • show incorrect facts or other false information
  • are not considered civil discourse
  • are not in accordance with our comment guidelines, including any post that you feel is threatening, harassing, discriminatory or obscene

If you come across a post that fits any of these descriptions, be sure to escalate it to the UB Social Team.

If you come across any post that is threatening in any way, escalate it immediately to University Police. They can be reached by phone at 716-645-2222.


If you have questions about social media in general or the group, please reach out to:

Alexandra Edelblute.

Alexandra Edelblute

Staff Writer / Social Media Manager

955 Main Street, Room 6147, Buffalo, NY 14203-1121

Phone: (716) 829-3375