Writing Posts

Social media posts can be items like news updates or sharing images. You can also use your accounts for creating awareness about an event or sharing important information.

Different Types of Social Media Posts

Your social posts should be curated to fit each platform.

You can design them to promote an event or product, talk about current events or give a behind-the-scenes look. All of these topics have value and can be used to help increase and interact with your audience.

Take a look at these different kinds of posts and see how they might fit your social media strategy:

  • News and trending posts: cover current events and breaking news — use in a more informative style
  • Competition/polls/question posts: engage with your audience through relevant or fun questions
  • Photo and video posts: any post that includes a visual element like an image or video
  • Share follower content: elevate content from your audience to your platform to showcase followers’ posts and enhance your relationship with followers
  • Story posts: quick posts that exist on your page for 24 hours and then disappear — great for sharing content and highlighting events for the day
  • Livestreams: start a livestream on your platform, giving you the ability to interact with your audience in real time and answer questions live
  • Holiday posts: celebrate holidays through a seasonal post and acknowledge the date of a holiday


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