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  • Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

    Dubocovich, Margarita

    Margarita Dubocovich, PhD, FASPET, FACNP

    SUNY Distinguished Professor; Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology; Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

    955 Main Street (Room 3212) Buffalo, NY 14203

    Phone: (716) 829-4719 / 829-3048


  • Inclusive Excellence Workforce Specialist

    Maria Wilson.

    Maria L. Wilson

    Inclusive Excellence Workforce Specialist

    955 Main Street Room 7177 Buffalo, NY 14203

    Phone: (716) 829-4345


  • IMSD/CLIMB Coordinator

    Please contact Margarita Dubocovich, PhD, at, (716) 829-4719.

  • iSEED Senior Scientific Workforce Coordinator

    Hannah Norris PhD.

    Hannah Norris, PhD

    iSEED Senior Scientific Workforce Coordinator

    Phone: (716) 829-4718


  • iSEED Coordinator

    Angelina Ritorto.

    Angelina Ritorto

    iSEED Coordinator

    Office of Inclusion and Cultural Enhancement

    955 Main Street, Suite 7170, Buffalo, NY 14203

    Phone: (716) 829-4717


  • iSEED Student Assistant

    Shruti Suresh.

    Shruti Suresh

    iSEED Student Assistant

    Phone: (716) 829-3543


  • Scientific Workforce Specialist (CTSI)

    Morgann Clark-Schaefer.

    Morgann Clark-Schaefer, MSEd

    CTSI Scientific Workforce Specialist

    955 Main Street, Room 7176, Buffalo, NY 14203

    Phone: (716) 829-4718


  • Education Workforce Specialist (CTSI)

    Kameron Jackson.

    Kameron Jackson

    CTSI Education Workforce Specialist

  • Workforce Educational Assistant (CTSI)

    Victoria Neu.

    Victoria Neu

    Evaluator Assistant