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  Degree Dissertation Topic Mentor/PI Current Position
Bard, Jonathan
"Evaluating Genome Wide Chromatin Accessibility using ATAC-Seq" Michael Buck
Lead Programmer Analyst, SUNY Buffalo Biochemistry
Sidoli, Mariapaola
PhD "The Role of Perk in Myelination and Demyelinating CMT 1B Neuropathy" Lawrence Wrabetz Research Scientist: Hunter James Kelly Research Institute; SUNY Buffalo
Zhou, Bo PhD "The Role of NFIX in Regulating Neural Stem Cell Development in Postnatal Mouse Brain" Richard Gronostajski Postdoctoral Associate:  Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine


  Degree Dissertation Topic Mentor/PI Current Position
Atkinson, Taylor
"Genetic Regulatory Factors" Marc S. Halfon
Operations Manager, Clearview Social, Software Company
Luo, Wei  PhD "The Interplay of Signaling Pathways and Ets Factors" Lee Ann Sinha
Postdoctoral Associate, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Immunology; Principal Investigator:  Mark Shlomchik
Leung, Yi Kan
"The Role of Nuclear Factor I Proteins in Lung Development" Richard Gronostajski Epic, Technical Service Analyst, Madison WI
McCarthy, Ryan PhD "Mechanistic Analysis of iron Transport Across the Blood-Brain Barrier" Daniel Kosman
Postdoctoral Associate, Harvard University School of Public Health; Principal Investigator:  Marianne Wessling-Resnick
Rizzo, Jason MD/PhD "Resolving Genome-Wide Views of Chromotin Structure to Identify Fundamental Principles of Genome Organization"
Michael Buck University of Michigan Department of Dermatology Resident
Principal Investigator: Dirk Remus
Sapkota, Darshan PhD "Onecut1 and Onecut2 Function Redundantly to Determine Multiple Cell Fates During Mouse Retinal Development" Xiuqian Mu
Postdoctoral Associate: Washington university-St. Louis, Department of Genetics; Principal Investigator: Joe Dougherty
Zhou, Yiyun PhD "The cis-trans Regulatory Circuit Mediating RTK/RAS Signaling in Visceral Muscle Founder Cell Specification"
Marc S. Halfon SUNY Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine Class of 2018


  Degree Dissertation Topic Mentor/PI Current Position
Aman, Teresa K.
Postdoctoral scholar "Gating Modulation of NMDA Receptors by Protein Kinase A" Gabriela K. Popescu University of Washington
Principal Investigator: William Zagotta
Baxter, Jamie PhD "Characterization of Hda-Beta Clamp Functions Beyond the Regulatory Inactivation of DnaA in Escherichia coli" Mark Sutton Postdoctoral Associate: University of Toronto; Department of Molecular Genetics
Principal Investigator: Dr. Barbara Funnell
Borschel, William F PhD "Influence of the Ligand Binding Domain Heterodimer Interface on NMDA Receptor Kinetics" Gabriela K. Popescu Postdoctoral Associate: Washington University; Department of Cell Biology & Physiology
Principal Investigator: Colin Nichols
Feiger, Matthew MA "Mechanisms Underlying DNA Damage Induced Mutagenesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa" Mark Sutton
Research Associate II: Process Development, Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Heltzel, Justin PhD "Mechanisms Underlying Actions of Escherichia coli DNA Polymerase IV in Translesion Synthesis" Mark Sutton Postdoctoral Scholar
University at Buffalo;
Department of Biology
Principal Investigator: Laura Rusche
Kumar, Charanya
PhD "Structure-Function Analyses of Msh2-Msh6 and Msh2-Msh3 Complexes: An Insight Into Molecular Mechanisms" Jennifer A. Surtees Postdoctoral Associate: Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Department of Molecular Biology
Principal Investigator: Dirk Remus
Lai, William PhD "Computational Tools for Investigating the Role of Chromatin in Regulating Genomic Functional Elements" Michael Buck Postdoctoral Associate: Pennsylvania State University; Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Principal Investigator: Frank Pugh
Mastri, Michalis PhD "Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Myocardial Regeneration" Te-Chung Lee Postdoctoral Associate: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center; Department of Medicine
Principal Investigator: John Ebos
Yu, Han MS "Modulation and Structural Basis of NMDA Receptor Desensitization" Gabriela K. Popescu Masters student: University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions; Department of Biostatistics


  Degree Dissertation Topic Mentor/PI Current Position
Chin, Shu Shien PhD "Investigating Functions of the Transcription Factor ETS1 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma" Lee Ann Garrett-Sinha Pfizer (China)
Hsu, Yu-Chi PhD "The Role of Nfib in Lung Development"
Richard Gronostajski GSK-GlaxoSmithKline, Investigator, Collegeville PA
Swetha E.
PhD "Molecular Determinants of Proton Sensitivity and Gating in NMDA Receptors" Gabriela K. Popescu Postdoctoral Associate: Scripps Research Institute; Department of Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience Principal Investigator: Ardem Pataputian


  Degree Dissertation Topic Mentor/PI Current Position
Russell, Lisa
PhD "The Role of the Transcription Factor Ets-1 in B Cell Tolerance" Lee Ann Garrett- Sinha Postdoctoral Associate: National Institute of Aging; National Institutes of Health
Principal Investigator: Patricia Gearhart
Small, Sandra
PhD "Control of Ferric Iron Acquisition and Reduction by Irr in the Bacterium Bradyrhizobium japonicum" Mark R. O'Brian Workforce Development Associate: University at Buffalo; New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences


  Degree Dissertation Topic Mentor/PI Current Position
Stacy A.
PhD "Contributions of the Amino-Terminal Domains to NMDA Receptor Functions" Gabriela K. Popescu Assistant Professor of Biology, D'Youville College
Cassandra L.
PhD "Mechanisms of NMDA Receptor Activation by Agonists" Gabriela K. Popescu Postdoctoral Associate: University of Massachusetts Medical School; Department of Neurobiology
Principal Investigator: Vivian Budnik
Puri, Sumant
PhD "Heme as an Iron Source and as a Target for Manganese-Mediated Regulation of Iron Metabolism in Bradyrhizobium japonicum"
Mark R. O'Brian
Research Scientist:  University at Buffalo, Department of Oral Biology
Zisa, David MD/PhD "Mechanism of VGEF Therapy for Heart Failure" Te-Chung Lee Resident: Harvard Medical School


  Degree Dissertation Topic Mentor/PI Current Position
Yang, Chen PhD "Mechanistic Studies of RNA Polymerase II Species-Specific Transcription Initiation Patterns" Alfred Ponticelli Postdoctoral Associate: Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology; Principal Investigator: Pin-Lan Li


  Degree Dissertation Topic Mentor/PI Current Position
Scott, Marta MA "Analysis of cis-Regulatory Element Transcription in Drosophilia Melanogaster" Marc S. Halfon Biologist Consultant: MITRE Corporation, McLean VA
Scouten, Sarah
PhD "Biochemical Analysis of the Role of the Conserved Hydrophobic Cleft on the Escherichia coli Beta Clamp in DNA Replication" Mark Sutton Founder: Illuminating Diagnostics
Shabbir, Arsalan MD/PhD "Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Cardiac Repair" Te-Chung Lee Resident: University of Miami School of Medicine
Zhu, Qianqian
PhD "Drosophila Regulatory Genomics: cis-Regulatory Modules, Promoters, and Microarrays" Marc S. Halfon Assistant Professor of Oncology: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Department of Biostatisitics & Bioinformatics