Awards and Scholarships

We value your commitment to family medicine — and we recognize it with numerous awards to nurture your interest in our field.

This annual award goes to a graduating medical student who has demonstrated outstanding performance during the third year of medical school, and who has a sincere interest in specializing in family medicine.
A graduating medical student who shows interest and outstanding clinical competence in family medicine receives this annual award.
This annual award recognizes a fourth-year medical student with a solid academic record, strong clinical skills and a demonstrated commitment to family medicine.
This annual award honors a graduating medical student who demonstrates an outstanding commitment to family medicine.
This award goes to a graduating medical student who promotes family medicine across all four years of medical school.
This award recognizes a medical student who demonstrates dedication to patients with limited access to primary care services.
The recipient of this award has demonstrated understanding and appreciation for the role of primary care in our health care system, and enthusiasm for pursuing a career in family medicine.
This scholarship is awarded to one or more medical students with a strong interest in primary care/family medicine and a demonstrated commitment to alleviating health care disparities.