Recent Faculty Publications

Our faculty are among the nation’s most prolific family medicine research authors, and our work is featured in the field’s leading journals.

Roseanne Berger, MD

Muhammad Ghazi, MD

Patrick Glasgow, MD

Kim Griswold, MD, MPH, RN, FAAFP

Linda Kahn, PhD

Ranjit Singh, MB BChir MBA

  • Eftekhari S, Yaraghi N, Singh R, Gopal RD, Ramesh R. Do Health Information Exchanges Deter Repetition of Medical Services. Transactions on Management Information Systems. 2017
  • Vest BM, Hall VM, Kahn LS, Heider AR, Maloney N, Singh R. Nurse perspectives on the implementation of routine telemonitoring for high-risk diabetes patients in a primary care setting. Prim Health Care Res Dev. 2017; 18(1)
  • Mohammadpour A, Anumba C, Bulbul T, Messner J, Singh G, Singh R. Impact Analysis of Facility Failures on the Healthcare Delivery Process: A Use Case Driven Approach.. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities. 2016; 30(4)