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Five research projects that aim to improve our understanding of the human microbiome have been selected to receive the first round of funding from the Community of Excellence in Genome, Environment and Microbiome (GEM).


Students and postdoctoral scholars in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology have given invited talks at a variety of meetings and have received many honors and awards over the past year.

Anthony A. Campagnari, PhD, and Nicole R. Luke-Marshall, PhD

Anthony A. Campagnari, PhD, senior associate dean for research and graduate education, is exploring the novel use of photodynamic therapy (PDT) as a noninvasive treatment for otitis media (OM) or middle ear infections.

Ira J. Blader, PhD

Ira J. Blader, PhD, professor of microbiology and immunology, is using new grant funding to build on prior research aiming to identify how the infection-causing parasite Toxoplasma gondii triggers seizures and other neurological complications in AIDS and cancer patients as well as fetuses.