Honors and Awards

Our students and faculty regularly earn national recognition for their research and achievements. Here are some highlights from recent years.

Conference Awards

Pharmacology and Toxicology Annual Research Symposium

Undergraduate Student Awards  
1st Place Ajay Baindur- 2016
Joaquin Canay-2015
Luona Young-2014
Danielle Precourt-2013 
2nd Place Elizabeth Quaye-2016
Meghan Griffin-2015
Marissa Boniszewski-2013 
Master's Student Awards  
1st Place: Allen Barnett Graduate Student Travel Award  Juliany Marrero Vega-2016
Shuhang Dai-2015
Joseph Santini-2014
Marina Popovska-Gorevski-2013 
2nd Place: Best Poster, Graduate Student Award  Robert Seaman-2016
Aaron Caccamise-2015 
Chongyang Zhang-2014
Laura Kuroski-2013
Honorable Mention  Mallorey Himmel-2015
Zainab Khaku-2014
Ginger Lasky-2013
Angela Gocher-2013 
PhD Student Awards  
1st Place: Allen Barnett Graduate Student Travel Award  Diara Santiago Gonzalez-2016
Angela Gocher-2015
Yina Ma-2014 
David Thorn-2013
2nd Place: Best Poster, Graduate Student Award  Jennifer Martin-2016
Jiabei Liu-2015
Angela Gocher-2014
Jing Wang-2013 
Honorable Mentions  Kate Evely-2016
Justin Siemian-2015
Sushmitha Gururaj-2015
Alexandria Trujillo-2015
Diara Santiago Gonzalez-2015 
David Thorn-2014
Shannon Clough-2014
Diara Santiago Gonzalez-2014

New York Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting

Best Poster Award, PhD Students Lakeisha Lewter (PhD)-2016
Shannon Clough (PhD)-2014
Suyog Po (PhD Candidate)-2014 
Shannon Clough (PhD)-2013 
Best Poster Award, Master's Students Taylor Warren (BS/MS)-2014
Taylor Warren (BS/MS)-2013
Kate Evely (BS/MS)-2013 
Best Poster Award, Undergraduate Students  Danielle Precourt-2013
Jason Ma-2013

Experimental Biology

1st Place, Best Presentation, Division of Behavioral Pharmacology Lakeisha Lewter (PhD)-2018
2nd Place, Best Poster, Division of Toxicology Grant Glatfelter (PhD)-2018
3rd Place, Neuropharmacology Poster Competition
Danielle Tomasello (PhD)-2016
Best Abstract, Division of Toxicology Marina Popovska-Gorevski (MS)-2014
Best Abstract, Division of Cardiovascular Pharmacology Alexander Morrison-Nozik (PhD)-2013

Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting

Neuroscience Research Day

Beverly Petterson Bishop and Charles W. Bishop Neuroscience Travel Award Craig Werner (Postdoc)-2016

Danielle Tomasello (PhD)-2015

FASEB Research Conferences

FASEB Science Research Conference 2013: Melatonin Biology: Action and Therapeutics

  • Marina Popovska-Gorevski (MS)
    Best Poster Award

Behavior, Biology and Chemistry Conference

Behavior, Biology and Chemistry 2013

  • David Thorn
    Best Oral Presentation

Student Academic Recognition

Student Academic Recognition

  • Ajay Baindur (BS)
    2017 University Honors College Research and Creativity Fund Award: Endocannabinoid regulation of operant responding to predictive incentive cues for a sucrose reward (Dr. Caroline Bass, Mentor)
  • Allen Hoste (PMY Major, Class of 2017)
    2017 University Honors College Research and Creativity Fund Award: Antidepressant Regulation of Macrophage-Derived TNF Production (Dr. Tracey Ignatowski, Dept of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences, Mentor)
  • Samantha Van Etten (BS/MS Student, Olson lab)
    2016 National Association of College and University Residence Halls Residence Life Professional Staff Member of the Month (October 2016)
  • Shannon Clough (PhD, Dubocovich lab)
    2016 Dennis Higgins Award for PhD Dissertation Research in Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • David Thorn (PhD, Li lab)
    2015 Dennis Higgins Award for PhD Dissertation Research in Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Alexander Morrison-Nozik (PhD, Li Lab)
    2014 Dennis Higgins Award for PhD Dissertation Research in Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Bethany Asare (PhD, Rajnarayanan Lab)
    2014 Award of Excellence for Promoting Inclusion and Cultural Diversity, SMBS
  • Amy Gancarz (Postdoctoral Associate, Dietz Lab)
    2013 Bishop Award for Best Poster, Buffalo Society for Neuroscience 7th Annual Research Day
    2013 First place, 5th Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium
  • Danielle Adank (BS/MS student, Dietz Lab)
    2013 Third Place, Best Poster, Buffalo Society for Neuroscience 7th Annual Research Day

  • Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (CURCA) Awards
    2017 Paul Inzerillo (Rabin, Mentor)
    2017 Nadin Zejnilovic (Dubocovich, Mentor)
    2016 Beverly DiCorso (Sim, Mentor)
    2016 Priyanka Dongare (Sim, Mentor)
    2016 Karie Chen (Bass, Mentor)
    2016 James Lee (Bass, Mentor)
    2015 Yun Beom Lee (Bass, Mentor)
    2015 Sushobhna Bhatra (Rabin, mentor)
    2015 Melissa Dolan (Rabin, mentor)
    2015 Zakiya Rhodie (Rabin, mentor)
    2015 Tae Keun Lee (Rajnarayanan, mentor)
    2013 Mark Goodman (J. Li, mentor)
    2013 Hani Shayya (F. Sim, mentor)
    2013 Jordan Valley (R. Rabin, mentor)
    2013 Kenny Wu (R. Rajnarayanan, mentor)
    2013 Jaeyoung Choi (BS)
    2013 David Lee (BS)
    2013 Lili Lin (BS-Pharmacy; F. Sim, mentor)
    2013 Danielle Precourt (BS-Chemistry; M.L. Dubocovich, mentor)

Travel Awards

Travel Awards

Allen Barnett, PhD ’65, currently CEO of Kinex Pharmaceuticals, who led the effort leading to the discovery of Claritin while at Schering-Plough, established an endowment to fund our graduate students’ education. Through his generosity, we present the Allen Barnett Travel Award each year to the PhD student with the top-rated presentation at our annual meeting. We also recognize the top poster and talk by an undergraduate student from our department with the Undergraduate Student Travel Award.

Each of these awards provides complete funding for the student to present at the national meeting of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) or the Society of Toxicology (SOT) with peers and internationally-renowned scientists.

Recent Travel Award Recipients

  • Jennifer Martin (PhD)
    2016 Travel Award to attend the Behavior, Biology, and Chemistry Meeting
  • Lakeisha Lewter (PhD)
    2016 Travel Award to attend the Behavior, Biology, and Chemistry Meeting
  • Justin Siemian (PhD)
    2016 Travel Award to attend the Behavior, Biology, and Chemistry Meeting
  • Alexandria Trujillo (PhD)
    2016 Travel Award to Attend EB 2016; Selected to participate in the ASPET 'Big Ideas' Mentoring Program
  • David Thorn (PhD)
    2014 ASPET Travel award to attend EB 2014; Selected to present at the Behavioral Pharmacology Society meeting
  • Amy Gancarz (Postdoc)
    2013 Travel award to attend the Behavior, Biology and Chemistry meeting
  • Jing Wang (PhD)
    2013 Beverly Petterson Bishop and Charles W. Bishop Neuroscience Fund (“The Bishop Fund”) Travel Award 

Faculty Awards

Peter Bradford, PhD

  • 2017 ASPET Fellow of the Academy of Pharmacology Educators
  • 2015 SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence inTeaching
  • 2014 Richard A. Powell Award, Outstanding Dental Educator

Stewart Clark, PhD

  • 2012 INRC Young Investigator Travel Award

David Dietz, PhD

  • 2013 Travel Award, Winter Brain Conference
  • 2011 Top 5 Findings of the Year by the National Institute of Mental Health

Margarita L. Dubocovich, PhD

  • 2017 Inaugural ACNP Delores C Shockley Minority Mentoring Award 
  • 2017 UB CSTEP Outstanding Research Mentor Award 
  • UB President’s Medal 
  • 2015-2016 Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring Award, The Graduate School, University at Buffalo
  • 2014 SUNY Distinguished Professor
  • 2013 SMBS Dean's Award
  • 2013 Named Fellow of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
  • 2012 PhRMA Foundation Award in Excellence in Pharmacology/Toxicology
  • 2011 Distinguished Postdoc Mentor Award
  • 2011 Aaron B. Lerner Pioneer Award for Outstanding Contributions to Melatonin Research
  • 2011 Saluting Hispanics in the Medical and Health Care Fields Recognition Award from City of Buffalo 


Suzanne Laychock, PhD

  • 2010 Dean's Award/University at Buffalo Award for Outstanding Service to the Dean and the School
  • 2011 Faculty Teaching Award

Jun-Xu Li, PhD

  • 2016 College on Problems of Drug Dependence, Joseph Cochin Young Investigator Award
  • 2014 UB Exceptional Scholar Award for Young Investigators
  • 2012 Elected Councilor of Behavioral Pharmacology Division of ASPET (2013-2016)
  • 2012 Maharaj Ticku Memorial Travel Fellowship to the Behavior, Biology and Chemistry meeting

James Olson, PhD

  • 2013 Pharmacology and Toxicology Faculty Teaching Award
  • 2012 UB Distinguished Professor

Richard Rabin, PhD

  • 2017 CSTEP Outstanding Research Mentor Award

Rajendram V. Rajnarayanan, PhD

  • 2014 Faculty Teaching Award
  • 2014 President Emeritus and Mrs. Meyerson Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring
  • 2013 Faculty Award of Excellence for promoting inclusion and cultural diversity, SMBS
  • 2012 Faculty Teaching Award
  • 2010 Faculty Teaching Award

Satpal Singh, PhD

  • 2012 UB Faculty Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity